…to someone with resolve

Today is just like yesterday, and the day before. Time is a continuum and there’s no perceptible change in another sunrise, another nightfall. One more revolution around the sun complete, but the beginning and end of the loop is a cultural construct at best. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

I had the chance to get to know you this year, to form a friendship, to start a bond. I watched you navigate some inclement weather, and ride the tides in and out. I did my best to be a good man in a storm; at the very least a distracting smile.

Your smile and laughter never fades, even when tired, even when grave, there’s something about you that putters on. It’s admirable. It’s contagious. I hope it’s contagious. I’ll rub myself all over you if need be. I can hear you creasing at my words, banter always gets us through the day.

I had the chance to share in joy with you, and cake and pints and pasta sauce and chocolate-chip-honey-comb cookies with you. I do my best to memorise the highs.

So while today is just like any day, I know that tomorrow and the next day holds amazing things in store for you. You persevere and push yourself hard to do what you love. Your talent is earned. If you reap what you sow, well, plenty of sunshine is headed your way.

Happy new year.


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